TVEpiso is an online television community allowing users to keep track of when shows air new episodes.

TVEpiso is an online television community that allows users to keep track of when new episodes of their favorite shows air. The site serves as a fanbase, listing episodes by their air date. It features pages for thousands of TV shows with episode guides, photos, and discussion boards where users can comment using Disqus, among other interactive features.

As of Now 18/9/2023

I am considering using data from sources such as TVMaze, TMDB, and only IMDb to scrape voting/rating numbers for displaying. As of now we gave this data in limited source to NextEpisodeDate.Com. However, in order to ensure compliance with the terms of service (TVEPISO) of these sources, I want to confirm whether I can use IMDb data. If IMDb does not permit me to display their data, or other websites which use can API of requests of our database scrap method and then I am open to exploring alternative sources like TVDB, TVLine, TVTime, TMDb, TVmaze, TraktTV, many others sources to implement for the future.

In simple terms, my plan is to provide an interactive user interface on my website where users can make requests to display TV show data from my database. I will ensure that the usage of this data aligns with the terms of TVEPISO. If IMDb's terms do not allow me to use their data, I will seek alternative sources for this information.

I understand the importance of respecting the terms of service and data usage policies of external sources, and I will only display data from sources that permit such usage. Additionally, I will establish clear terms of service and usage policies for other websites that wish to access and display data from my database through an API or similar means.


Can I download or stream from this site?

Absolutely not. TV Episo does not offer any content for downloading and/or streaming. You can only watch (YouTube-hosted) trailers for TV Shows and Movies.

TV Episo keeps a list of the TV shows and movies you follow and, via various tools, helps you keep an eye on what has aired and what has not, and track what you've watched.

Where does the data come from?

TV Episo uses the officially provided APIs of to fetch information about TV shows and for movies.

How do I track when new episodes air?

It's easy (that's the main point/moto of this service by TV Episo as fanbase, right?). Just open the show's page (from the main menu of the site or by searching) and click the little bell icon to track every new episode air date. Then, you will see the next episode air date and day.

Why is the "resume" or "watch history" option missing for shows I've watched?

TV Episo sets itself apart from major streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, and Apple TV+. These platforms prioritize saving your viewing data and offering features like "resume" to pick up where you left off. However, TV Episo has a distinct purpose.

We specialize in providing an Air Date Tracker service, exclusively dedicated to keeping you informed about when new episodes of TV shows air. Our primary goal is to maintain simplicity and efficiency in tracking air dates, without the added complexity of watch history and resume functionality.

In contrast to streaming giants like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, and Apple TV+, which remember what you've watched and let you continue from where you left off, TV Episo focuses solely on tracking new episode releases. We don't store your watch history or offer a "continue watching" feature because our focus is different.

If you're looking for features similar to those available on Netflix, HBO Max, or other major streaming platforms, you might consider using those services alongside TV Episo to enhance your entertainment experience. This is a highly up-to-date feature that sets us apart, and it's not commonly offered by other platforms in 2023.

Yes, we maintain a list of users who have the option to share their viewing preferences and reasons with the community. However, this access to the list of TV Episo users who willingly choose to share information about their favorite shows and movies is made public. If they prefer not to share, it's a firm 'no,' and we fully respect their choice.

This aligns with our simple goal at TV Episo. If you have further questions, you have the right to inquire in the Disqus platform's comment section for each provided show, where everyone can share their experiences, spoilers, storylines, reasons to watch or not watch, and recommendations based on preferences.

What do I do if I have more questions, thoughts, or suggestions?

You're most welcome to simply get in touch through our contact form to write to us.


We have no affiliation with the show or the network. We are solely providing information that we hope fans will find helpful. We cannot guarantee the user experience provided by external websites.

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